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As my muse seems to have taken a vacation to a very remote island with no telephone service/internet service, so I thought I would waste some time in Word working on a portfolio of sorts of my stories.  Of course my user page here on LJ has a list of some of the stories, most of them that can be found on an LJ community.  If I have stories not shown there, it is because I do not have a decent banner for them.


This post is more for record keeping than anything, and for myself, but if you would like to read, offer advice, muse for me, etc.,  be my guest.  You must be a member of the gerard_emmy community to read some of these.  Hiatus and in progress stories are coming in another post.

Designation for ratings:


Teen- Parental guidance suggested for children sixteen and under

Mature- Seventeen years and older; non-graphic sexual encounter; some harsh language; some violence, not gory

AO- Adults ONLY.  Explicitly graphic sex and/or multiple sexual encounters; explicit language; explicit violence



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