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In progress stories, no particular order:
-          Mingle: Sequel to Exchange
o       Type/Fandom: Real person fanfic: HET; Gemmy
o       Pairing: Gerard Butler/Emmy Rossum
o       Length: 42 chapters written so far… 37 posted; about 42,000 words
o       Rating: AO
o       Beta’d by: N/A
o       Banner by: glitterdragon
o       Notes: Co-written with glitterdragon
o       Summary: The continuation of Exchange. Gerard and Emmy have come to terms with their love for each other, and Emmy has made the ultimate sacrifice to stay in Scotland, though it is a considerably small sacrifice. Follow them as they embark on a new life together.
-          Moments of Insanity
Type/Fandom: HET; Harry Potter
o       Pairing: Severus Snape/Hermione Granger
o       Archived: Fanfiction.net (5 chapters), The Petulant Poetess (5 chapters), Sycophant Hex (1 chapter posted, others on the way
o       Length: 19,675 words
o       Rating: Mature
o       Beta’d by:  keladry_lupinand subvers
o       Banner by: N/A
o       Notes: N/A
o       Full Story Synopsis: Ten years after the final battle, many things have changed considerably for our favorite witches and wizards. Arthur Weasley is the new Minister for Magic. Harry and Ginny are busily creating their own Quidditch team to eventually compete against Ron and Luna’s own growing team. Hermione has her own bookstore and is blissfully single after a few soured relationships. And Severus Snape has finally gotten what he wanted: power and wealth. Of course, he’d have been much more delighted to not be Headmaster to a bunch of dunderheads…
o       Summary: Ten years after the final battle, many things have changed considerably for our favorite witch and wizard. Severus becomes Headmaster of Hogwarts. Hermione has recently acquired Flourish and Blotts with the help of the wealthy Potters. Perchance two bibliophiles could meet and form a relationship over a good read, or will it take Severus’ “moment of insanity” to bring them together?
-          Every Little Thing
              o       Type/Fandom: HET: Harry Potter
o       Pairing: Harry Potter and Hermione Granger
o       Archived: Fanfiction.net, soon at Portkey.org
o       Length: 6,963 words
o       Rating: Mature
o       Beta’d by: wildknght7
o       Banner by: N/A
o       Notes: N/A
o       Summary: Without Dumbledore, the Order knows that the only way to combat Voldemort and his Death Eaters is through a tightly-knit front. As the threat of the Final Battle looms ever closer, relationships are forged and strengthened out of necessity. However, when friendship begins to mean more than it might have in the past for Harry and Hermione, causing a rift between the Savior of the Wizarding World and his best friend, it could prove deadly.
-          The Spanish Rose
o       Type/Fandom: Original; Historical Romance
o       Pairing: Edmund of Langley, Duke of York and Isabella of Castile and Leon
o       Archived: Fictionpress.com
o       Length: 13,760 words
o       Rating: Mature
o       Beta’d by: Anyone?  N/A right now.
o       Notes: N/A
o       Synopsis: John of Gaunt, son of Edward III of England, wed Costanza de Castile, daughter of King Pedro I, in hopes of claiming the Spanish crown in her name. It's curious to note in the annals of history, though, that John's younger brother, Edmund, married Costanza's younger sister, Isabella, when he could have made a much more advantageous marriage elsewhere.
o       Summary: When Isabella, a down-on-her-luck medical intern, is thrust through time unknowingly, she quickly comes to the conclusion she has become delusional from a severe head trauma. However, that belief proves wrong as she is thrown deeper into the workings of the royals of England, France and Spain of the fourteenth century. The sights, sounds and archaic civilization seem too real to be any delusion—especially when Isabella comes across Edmund de Langley.
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