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The Butler Did It Fiction Archive

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Welcome to The Butler Did It Fiction!

Here you will find the writings of losille2000, as well as online fiction and book reading recommendations.

The fiction herein is the product of losille2000's mind and muse. As such, all work, including fanfiction and original fiction, is copyrighted per the author. Do not steal.

To be safe, the blanket rating of this site is MATURE. Some of my writing is short and sweet while others are violent and sensual. If you cannot handle this, go away.

A note on fictional person fanfiction: No infringement is meant to JK Rowling, JRR Tolkien or any other author's stories that I have used in my fanfiction. I do this for fun and make absolutely no money from it.

A note on real person fanfiction: Please understand that I respect all real persons depicted, their personal lives, and their families to the highest degree. I would never wish to harm them through this venue. It is for fun and NOT TRUE.

If you read something you like, make sure to drop me a note!

If you read something that needs work, leave me some concrit!

Got a hot writing tip/questions/feedback on the site? Email me at tab1085@aol.com

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